“Vedic Mathematics” gained popularity primarily through the work of late Sankaracharya (Bharti Krisna Tirtha) of Puri (1884 -1960). Swamiji’s “Vedic Mathematics” and the practical demonstrations of Sixteen Sutras (120 words!) stunned the world with their originality and simplicity. The four Vedas (Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajuraveda, Atharvaveda), the four Upvedas, six Vedangas and numerous commentaries on them over the centuries are storehouse of great knowledge. However, many scholars dispute that these Sutras are found in Vedas.

Perhaps the most useful Sutra out of sixteen is the general formula for multiplication. After learning this, you will never take out calculators for multiplication.

This sutra says -“Vertically and Crosswise”. That’s all to multiply two numbers!

Please see following Chapter from the Book “Supplement to ICSE Mastering Mathematics – VI” by M.L. Aggarwal to get total mastery over multiplication:
Multiplication by Vedic Methods

The following chapters from VII and VIII class Supplements teach you Division and finding Square Roots by Vedic Methods:

Division by Vedic Methods

Finding Square Roots by Vedic Methods